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I actually got to see Meatloaf Sunday night, and he was brilliant! I wasn't looking forward to it because I was still feeling grumpy and cranky, but I pretty much forced myself to cheer up, and stuck Rock and Roll Hero on in the car on the way down, and that helped. We had pretty good seats too. The CIA isn't all that big anyway, and we were about a third of the way down the stands.

We had a really good view of the stage, though the photo doesn't show it that well, though it was a seated gig which kinda limited the ability to dance. There wasn't a support act, and Meat came on at 8. He played a couple of tracks off Bat II and Hang Cool Teddy Bear, then there was a 15 minute interval and a notice came up on the screens saying 15 minutes to Bat Out Of Hell. And fair play, he put everything into those songs. They interspersed them with footage from the Bat documentary that aired a couple of years ago, and Meat talked about the tracks as well. He got really emotional, bless him, especially when he thanked all of the fans for supporting him all these years. And when he was introducing Crying Out Loud he got really choked up and everyone 'awwed'. It was a really great concert, and I think a really fitting final tour for Meat.

Set List

01 Running for the red light
02 Life is a lemon
03 Deadringer for love
04 Break it
05 Los Angeloser
06 Giving tree
07 Objects in the rear view mirror
08 Out of frying pan

------ interval -------

09 Bat out of hell
10 You took the words
11 Heaven can wait
12 All revved up with no place to go
13 Two out of three aint bad
14 Paradise by the dashboard light
15 For crying out loud


16 Anything for love
17 Boneyard


In other news I'm starting to feel much better now! I went back into work today, and I'll be very glad to start the new job. I have no love left for what I'm currently doing now, which is a shame. I even managed to get some work done when I got home (not a lot, just replying to emails, etc., but it's a start).


I also found out last week that my abstract on Twilight and the gendered voice of anti-fandom has been accepted for the CATH postgraduate conference, 'New approaches to gender, film and television'. So that'll be up in Leicester at the end of June, and it looks like I'll be able to make it to Console-ing Passions too. I also had my funding application accepted, so I'm getting some money towards my travel up there. I've got a fair few conferences coming up this year. Exciting stuff :D


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Apr. 25th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
That looks like a brilliant stage! Glad you had fun. :-D Meatloaf is awesome.

Your paper on gendered voices sounds wonderful. Yay conferences! All the best. <3
Apr. 25th, 2013 09:18 pm (UTC)
It was! And he is :) I'm really glad we all got to go and see him. He was such a big part of our childhoods.

Thanks :) I'm hoping it'll go well.
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